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Event For: Thursday, July 24, 2014
Exhibitor: [Hyde Park Art Center]

Posted: 2014-07-22 12:19:29

"Upheaval, Grief and Creativity" organized by Jamie Kalven for The Beast

The Colin Ward Memorial Potluck Series is host to lively discussions around different ideas and themes inspired by John Preus' The Beast. Within the format of the Colin Ward Memorial Potluck Series, Invisible Institute presents a series of community conversations and potluck dinners led by writer Jamie Kalven. The series addresses difficult subjects that disrupt the relationship between city and citizen.

This Thursday from 6-8 pm, Jamie Kalven will discuss homicide. Bring your thoughts, your ideas, food or drink to share during the presentation.

And don't forget, Saturday School is in session July 26, 10 am - 12 pm with a writing workshop hosted by Eric Bartholomew. This drop-in workshop is an opportunity for writers to take part in informal writing exercises that center around the idea of the junk drawer. Bring an item from your

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Event For: Thursday, July 24, 2014
Exhibitor: [The Museum of Contemporary Photography]

Posted: 2014-07-21 08:22:17

Museum of Contemporary Photography Phantoms in the Dirt July 24 - October 5

The sixteen artists in this exhibition present an array of physical remnants and enigmatic traces, ranging from cryptic objects to the marks of human activity in rugged landscapes. Searching for phantoms in the dirt, so to speak, their works reckon with the facts of matter, the nature of photographic imagery, and the forces (sometimes invisible) that leave their mark on our surroundings. In doing so, they are also considering how the visible and the tangible-or sometimes what our senses can't apprehend at all-shape our encounters with the world around us or generate mutable senses of meaning. Guest curated by Karsten Lund (Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago).

Join us for an Exhibition Opening Reception on July 24 at 5:00pm.


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